Intelligent Automation changed Customer Care, for good. Learn how.

#1 | Productivity and processes

Every online purchase a consumer makes necessitates several steps that must take place behind the scenes before the item arrives at its destination. Unfortunately, for both the merchant and the customer, each manual step during and after a customer transaction introduces a considerable chance of human error, leading to higher operational costs. Unintentional mistakes are frequently the cause of shipment delays and result in customer dissatisfaction.

#2 | Seamless customer experience

Retailers should leverage the various advantages of AI and automation beyond the back office to offer a more seamless consumer experience. Digital assistants can be integrated with front-end communications to keep customers up to date on their purchases. Automation can also empower customer support workers to swiftly gather essential information about a client while conversing with them on the phone or through chat, enabling them to provide timely assistance. This helps businesses display their concern for the consumer while also assisting the agent in resolving difficulties more efficiently.

#3 | Prioritizing support tickets

Sentiment analysis — a type of AI that employs NLP to evaluate whether a block of text is good, negative, or neutral — may be used by AI customer service systems to recognize when consumers are frustrated and automatically escalate issues to live agents. Agents could prioritize open tickets in this manner, resolving disgruntled customers first and lowering their risk of churn.

#4 | 24/7 customer care

According to HubSpot research, 90% of customers expect a response within ten minutes after raising a support issue. Immediate gratification is the driver behind leading e-commerce retailers such as Amazon (Amazon Prime).


#5 | Personalizing customer care

Retailers may personalize dialogues with consumers by using AI to evaluate and learn from previous conversations. This allows them to draw on issues or preferences that those customers have stated in the past.

Gartner stated that much AI investment will focus on customer service. Machine learning applications and other emerging technologies will drive 70% of customer interactions by the end of 2022.



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