Productivity Solutions to Supercharge Your BPO

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Key Challenges for BPOs

Here are some of the common challenges that BPOs tend to face:

  • Tight Operational Margins. Building on the point above, BPOs typically have to remain very lean and operate under constrained operational margins. This means that if they experience unexpected problems or complexity, it can very quickly eat into their profitability.
  • High Staff Turnover. BPOs tend to suffer from a higher than average staff turnover rate because of the nature of the industry itself. This means that you’re consistently trying to train new people and integrate team dynamics while still portraying a robust and stable company to your clients. This can be exhausting and resource-intensive, not to mention the lost potential when a talented person leaves the organization.
  • Need to Build Productivity Solutions From Scratch. For every new client, a BPO typically needs to start again and build productivity solutions from scratch because of the variability and unique characteristics that come with every new organization. This means that a lot of work has to go in upfront to then benefit from the productivity solutions on the back end.
  • Efficiency Takes a Long Time. Building systems that can achieve true efficiency can often take a long time. For example, in order to achieve just a 20% improvement in support ticketing efficiency, it can often take up to 12 months. You need to be able to handle these long time frames and manage expectations with clients if you are to deliver on long-term success.

How AI Automation Can Supercharge Your Productivity

AI systems can make a huge difference when they’re implemented effectively — because of the leverage and efficiency they bring as part of the package. Here are some of the ways that AI can supercharge a BPO’s productivity:

  • Managing Online Communities. Nurturing your company’s communities on social media and other channels is another task that is crucially important, but takes a lot of dedicated time and effort. AI can help you triage the inputs that you’re receiving, automate the simple ones, and consolidate the others to allow your team to maximize your impact while minimizing the time required.
  • Better Decision Making. AI is incredibly valuable when it comes to making data-driven decisions in a highly precise and accurate way. By spotting patterns and quirks in the data, it can help to optimize your day-to-day decision-making so that your business can get to the next level.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and if your BPO organization is looking to transform itself for the next revolution, now is the time to get started.



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